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About once a year I have to send a fax to some business or government entity and this is the simplest and easiest solution available. The subscription is nominal—for a week, month or year. You can scan docs with your phone, pull a download from the cloud or use saves from your camera roll. Add a cover sheet with a click and preview everything before you send. Easy and it’s never failed.

I needed to send an important fax and the process was simple, fast, secure, and I received a confirmation that the fax was successfully received. Yes, it will cost you $10 to subscribe for a week but it’s more convenient and likely cheaper than going to a store to do it. If you need to send an important document and don’t mind spending a few bucks to get it done I highly recommend this app.

This is one of the best apps ever! If you don’t want to buy a fax machine and pay for a landline to connect it to monthly this is the best thing for you! Fax, conveniently right from your phone!

Super quick and easy to use. Pretty straightforward and user friendly. I’m not a fan of the pricing as I only needed to use it temporarily, but love that it’s convenient and organized.

Very effective for phone and iPad business oo-the-go. Maximized my work away from office and home!

It did what it needed to do and I am pleased. We have come a long way people. Thanks Developers. East. Simple. Great.

Works as intended! A great tool for when you need to receive/send fax.

Make my life so much easier on the go and always have my information at my finger tips Thanks you for this excellent app!!!

45 000 Google Play Reviews 4.5🌟Average

Very easy to use and great app! I will definitely use it further) Thanks to the developers for the fact that now the fax is always at my fingertips!I urgently needed to fax a document and found this attachment. After a few minutes, I added the app, set up my account, scanned the pages, and sent a fax to a medical facility for my relative.After trying so many fax applications that don’t work the way I want them, I found your application and I’m very happy about it) I had a very urgent fax that I needed to send and your application sent everything without problems !!! I will definitely use this app and only this app for all my future faxes! Thanks!Now I can send a fax quickly and easily, I don’t have to go to the office store. Easy to use, nice interface and low cost 🙂 That’s great! The best fax I have ever used! I definitely advise and give 5 stars!

Worked out perfectly for my spurr of the moment needs. It was the middle of the night and I live in an area where there is zero available resources to send a fax and I had a deadline I had to make and this app. Saved my butt . Thank you to the creator. I appreciate the app. I would recommend it and will use again in the future

Exceptional! I was flying abroad and needed to send a fax. This app was a life saver! Easy to use, and you are also notified once the fax has been received at the destination.

First let me say that I have been using the app for a long time and the app is very helpful and good. So I definitely recommend.

Best online faxing I’ve found! No caps on the size of the file or the number of pages you can send, and it was sooooo quick and easy! No nonsense! Awesome!

Awesome faxing, I love this app!!! very reliable to send where important documents needs to go.

This is very convenient.I can take my phone everywhere but not the fax machine at home and it quick and easy

so far easy to use. Very convenient.