Much like cars, there’s many reasons you might need to use a fax machine. For various regulatory and security reasons, 75% of all medical communication in the US still happens by fax, and to this day, faxing is still a crucial part of the legal and financial industries. This means if you’re ever arranging healthcare, buying or renting a house, or sending information to the government, there’s a high chance you will need faxing.

For many of the important moments in your life, you might need to send a fax! That’s why we’re breaking down on this page all the places you can find fax services near you. Whether that’s a fax machine or online faxing services, this is your full guide to being able to send and receive faxes.

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Find Fax Services or Fax Machines Near Me

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a fax machine at home anymore. So where can you look to find a fax machine? We’ll tell you all the options below.

Post Offices and Shipping Services

Post Offices

If you need to fax documents in a hurry, local post offices will usually offer fax services for a small fee. USPS has locations across the country which offer faxing services and self-service fax machines. Use their online tool to find your local branch. The post office is a good option as employees are on hand to assist, and they will have useful knowledge about fax numbers and area codes. It’s worth calling your local branch and making sure they have a fax service before travelling there.

Other Shipping Services

There are a wide range of couriers and shipping providers which provide faxing service in addition to regular postal services. Providers such as UPS and FedEx are most commonly known for sending parcels, but they are also a one-stop shop for sending and receiving faxes, as most of their stores contain fax machines.

The UPS store has a helpful section on their website for anyone in need of fax services, and the FedEx site has a similar page which you can find lots of useful information on. This option stands out because of the multiple locations these stores have across the US, as well as the fact that both stores offer the ability to send and receive faxes. You can arrange with the store employee so that when a fax arrives for you, they will retain it and keep it safe until you collect.

Pricing for these services can vary by store, which makes it hard to calculate and predict exactly how much you will need to spend. Typically, you’re looking at about $1–2 for a one-page fax and $1–2 per page after that. However, it can get a lot more expensive to send faxes at a long-distance or international rate.

For more information on these options:

And while it may seem intuitive, remember that neither CVS, Walgreens or Walmart offer faxing services.

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Office Supply Stores

Much like FedEx Office and UPS, you can also find fax machines and faxing services in office supply stores like Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and other locations. These businesses are still relied on by the professional world for a range of products and services, and faxing is no exception to this. For example, most of Staples’ physical stores will have an area where you can make use of a fax machine. Even the office depot sections of some WalMart and Target locations may offer a fax service; check your local store to see if this is the case. Failing this, internet cafes can also offer fax services.

The pricing structure in these locations is similar to when you send a fax at UPS or FedEx. You’ll be charged for the first page and then charged extra per page you fax, and prices will be higher for national and international faxes.

If you read our guide to faxing at Staples, you will find that prices are typically slightly higher when using office supply stores. Therefore, this may be the best option if nothing else is available to you, but then again, if you want to send and receive faxes with limited options, it may be worth using an online fax service such as the fax app.

Printing Shops

There are a number of printing shops and businesses which will have a physical fax machine available to use. You can find these businesses in every town and city; they are typically used to print posters, business cards and leaflets, but if you’re looking for places to fax, it’s always worth asking if they have a fax machine you can use. This is an especially good option if you also use these business to print documents; they may include a discount!

Public library

Public Buildings: Schools & Libraries

Public fax machines have been offered by public buildings for decades and are a low-cost and accessible way to meet the faxing needs of the community. This could be your local library, a college or school, or even a local government building. Many libraries are increasingly expanding their services beyond just being a “place for books”, but also a hub for the community, where people can teach and learn and come together. It’s worth checking your local library; if you have a library card, it may even be free to use their fax machine, or at least have a lower price per page than other businesses charge, helping you save money.

    Banks and Financial Institutions

    If you’re looking for a fax service near you, banks can often be a convenient location to send a fax. Banks need to send faxes every day; most financial transactions still rely on faxing, especially large transfers or purchases.

    Banks have a very secure infrastructure in place, for obvious reasons, which makes this one of the safest options. However, it may not be a service offered to the wider public, so unless you have a good relationship with your local branch or need to send a fax for a financial transaction with your bank, this isn’t the best long-term strategy if you want to send and receive faxes.

    Hotels & Airports

    The “business trip options”. Faxing still rules the world of business, and for those on the move, finding faxing services near you can be difficult at times. You can always rely on your mobile device with online fax services like the FAX from iPhone app; however, there are some other options too.

    Hotels are ready-made to take care of business people; business travel is still a huge part of their customer base, and they are better than most when it comes to ironing your suit and helping you send a fax. If you’re travelling for work, it’s always worth checking at the front desk if they include fax services as part of your booking. Hotels take good care of their business partners, so this may come at no extra cost.

    Likewise, airports are used to looking after those who are travelling for work and are usually able to offer faxing services to their travellers. Business centers are a feature of most large airports, where you can find spaces to work and, and often, places to fax.

    Banks and Financial Institutions

    Banks and financial institutions like credit unions often have fax machines that customers can use. Whether you need to send a document to another branch or fax some paperwork to a business partner, your local bank might be able to help you out.

    However, be aware that this service may not be offered by all banks and some may restrict it to VIP or business customers. It’s best to call your bank ahead of time to see if they offer fax services. Don’t forget to ask about any associated fees, as some banks might charge for this service.

    Using Online Fax Services

    As you can see, there are lots of places to go to find faxing services near you. However, the closest place to go to send a fax is probably in your hand right now, or at least an arm’s reach away—your computer or mobile device.

    Online faxing services mean that our mobile devices can do the same thing that a traditional fax machine can, often for a much lower price and at greater convenience. There’s no need to travel somewhere or buy your own fax machine if you use an online fax service, so next time you’re searching for a fax service near you, consider online faxing.

    Why Online Faxing?

    • Cost. A fax machine can be expensive, as can the phone line connectivity and maintenance required. Likewise, businesses that offer fax services charge by the page, which can add up to a lot when you fax files containing multiple pages. To start faxing online, you can often get a free trial and then a flexible subscription to suit your needs; the FAX app includes unlimited pages with its subscription, which can mean big savings.

    • Convenience. Looking for places to fax is time-consuming and involves travel, but we all have a phone. With the FAX from iPhone app, you can get a fax number and can send and receive as many faxes as you like, from any location.

    • Storage. When you receive faxes digitally, you cut out huge amounts of paper and physical storage needed. You can carry all your faxes with you securely using a top fax app, and whenever you need to fax a document, simply scan it using the built-in scanner on the app.

    • Support. Fax software is built by specialists, with layers of security and customer service included. Who would you call if your fax machine broke? Maybe the store you bought it from, but how fast would the response be? Using the fax app, you can live chat the team from the app, giving you instant access if you need it.

    • File Formats. The fax services near you can only send faxes of documents you bring. With online faxing, you can send and receive digital documents from a computer, tablet or smartphone without needing to print and scan them first.

    • The Environment. The greenest option to send and receive faxes is using your smartphone; there’s no new device needed, no phone cables that have to be installed, and no need for mountains of paper.

    Get Started

    To get started, download the Municorn FAX from iPhone app today and create a free account. It’s more flexible and lower-price than any option we’ve talked about in this article, and actually gives you more options than anything else.

    Unlimited pages, a personalised fax number, worldwide access, live support, high-quality scanning, seamless third-party integration with iCloud, Dropbox and Google, and HIPAA-compliant security features—these are all things we haven’t talked about so far when looking at traditional fax services near you, but they’re all features of the app, making it the best option available.


    Can I send a fax from an airport?

    Yes, you can send a fax from an airport at their business center, but the cost may vary.

    Can I send a fax from my mobile device, e.g. iPhone?

    Yes, you can send and receive faxes directly from your smartphone or tablet using online fax apps like Fax App.

    How much does UPS charge to send a fax?

    UPS typically charges from $2 per page for domestic faxes to $3 per page to send an international fax. These rates apply for the first page of the fax, with each additional page costing slightly less. It’s important to note that prices may vary based on the specific UPS Store location, the prices we list are very approximate.