Faxing has all but gone the way of the Dodo for most purposes. With the rise of use in email, text messaging, and other document-sending options, faxes are often seen as outdated and too cumbersome to remain mainstream.
There are still many instances when you need to fax. It’s unlikely that your residence has a home fax machine, meaning you need to take your documents somewhere to have them faxed. This leads many to wonder, “Can you Fax at CVS?” and “What is the CVS Fax Number?”

CVS is a large chain of pharmacies and convenience stores that offers a variety of excellent services, including photo and document printing. Unfortunately, CVS doesn’t have a public fax number, and the convenience store doesn’t offer fax services at any location. Similarly, its competitors, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and others, also do not offer fax services.  

Despite this unfortunate setback, there are excellent alternatives that will send a fax for you. You even have the luxury of sending a fax by phone without owning a home fax machine.

Looking for In-Store Fax Service Alternatives?

Although CVS and similar businesses don’t offer fax services, several businesses still offer faxing as a service for their customers. These in-store fax services can help you send a fax when needed.

    Shipping & Logistics Businesses

    The FedEx Office (formerly known as FedEx Kinko’s) and UPS Store have locations that will send faxes for you. These locations are relatively common, so you won’t have to drive too far to fax documents.

      Business Retail Stores

      Another group of businesses that can help you send a fax includes business retail stores like Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples. These stores have copy and print centers that include faxing as a service.
      While these types of businesses offer some convenience for those without a home fax machine, there are a few downsides to consider, especially with much better options on the table. First, you’ll need to drive to one of these locations, which can take a significant portion of your day if there isn’t one nearby.
      Another thing to consider is the cost of faxing at in-store faxing service centers. You’re likely to pay a higher price to fax documents than you would with a home fax machine or a fax app such as FAX from iPhone. You will also not have the luxury of checking the status of the fax message and may need to repeat the process if the fax fails to transmit or someone at the recipient’s office throws out the original transmission.

        Online Fax Service Alternatives

        Now that we know there’s no such thing as a CVS fax number and that in-store fax services aren’t such a great option, where else can we turn? It’s possible to send a fax through online services. Online fax service providers can enable you to send faxes from your home without a home fax machine.

        The problem you’re most likely to encounter is that while there are many reputable online fax service alternatives, there are many more that are low quality, have security or privacy issues, or are simply unreliable. On top of this, you’ll need to explore each of their service offerings to ensure they offer tracking after the fax is sent and that the fax was delivered successfully.

        There’s an easier way to send a fax than owning a home fax machine, driving to an in-store fax service provider, or sifting through online fax services to find the right one. Did you know that you can fax by phone or tablet using a popular fax app like Fax App?

        Send and Receive Fax Messages on Your iPhone or Tablet with Fax App

        If you’ve been looking for a safe, easy, and affordable option to send faxes conveniently, then Fax App is the ideal application for you. This simple-to-use fax app is as powerful as it is convenient.

        Send and Receive Documents via Fax App

        With Municorn’s Fax App, you get a custom number to send and receive fax messages. This fax app also allows you to upload a variety of document formats, including DOC, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF. The fax app also lets you combine multiple files into a single fax, saving you money by not having to send multiple different faxes to the same fax number. Combining many documents into a single fax message also makes tracking and organization much simpler for you.

        Cloud Connectivity

        Fax App allows you to send documents from your iPhone or iPad. However, you can also attach files to your fax from popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Modern faxing problems require modern solutions, and Fax App is the fax app that keeps you connected to all your files and fax records in one hub.

        Preview What You’re Sending

        Measure twice and cut once. Nothing’s worse than paying to send a fax that didn’t have all the appropriate documents attached. With Fax App, you’re given a preview to view before the fax is sent out, allowing you to ensure everything is attached appropriately.

        Track Your Faxes

        After you send a fax with Fax App, you can track its progress and re-send it if needed for any reason. You can do this without signing back onto an online service or driving to an in-store faxing service location.

        Sending a Fax with Fax App is Easy

        In addition to all the incredible features and benefits of the Fax App fax app, it makes the entire process of sending fax by phone easy. Fax App is the convenient, cost-effective, secure way to send fax messages from your iPhone or iPad. The fax app offers incredible flexibility and is more eco-friendly than a traditional at-home fax machine.