How to Receive Fax on iPhone

Wondering how you can receive fax directly on your iPhone? In this guide, we’ll show you the simple steps to set up your iPhone to handle incoming faxes with ease. Discover the convenience of managing your faxes on-the-go, utilizing your preferred online fax service for seamless communication.

Receiving a fax on the iPhone

Key Takeaways 

  • The Fax App allows users to receive faxes on their iPhone or iPad with a dedicated fax number, enabling global reach and secure communication through 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Users can manage and integrate documents across multiple platforms and file formats, with support for cloud storage services, and gain the ability to send faxes from any location with an internet connection.

  • Fax App offers a range of subscription plans with auto-renewal for uninterrupted service, adheres to stringent privacy standards including ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR, and provides dedicated customer support for user inquiries.

Seamless Fax Reception on Your iPhone

In the modern world, being bound to an old-fashioned fax machine is no longer necessary. Instead, a reliable online fax service offers the ability to effortlessly receive faxes right on your iPhone or iPad. The Fax App provides iPhone and iPad users with an easy way to access their faxes from any corner of the globe, thanks to having their own dedicated fax number which supports reception of documents from over 90 countries – this allows you truly global accessibility while maintaining a local presence.

Imagine handling all your fax needs directly from your iPhone as you go about your day. It’s not just about receiving faxes anymore—it’s about optimizing how you communicate. With our Fax App at hand, immediate push notifications alert you whenever a new fax rolls in so that you never miss important information again. For those concerned with privacy and security, every single transmission via our service ensures maximum protection using powerful 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption technology.

Get Your Own Local or Toll-Free Number

Getting set up with an online fax service that integrates flawlessly with your iPhone is straightforward. Initially, register for a reliable online fax service like Fax App that offers compatibility with iPhones. When you’re creating your account, you’ll be given the option to select either a local or toll free fax number tailored to fit personal desires or business requirements.

To claim and keep your specific local or toll-free fax number, simply transition from the complimentary starter plan by opting into one of the paid subscription tiers following your initial signup.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Utilizing a dedicated fax number via the Fax App not only establishes your local presence, but also connects you to a worldwide audience. This service empowers your local fax number with the ability to receive faxes from over 90 countries globally. With the Fax App’s expansive service encompassing more than 120 countries/regions, it effectively supports your international business fax needs. Regardless of where you might find yourself on earth, as long as senders have your correct fax number at hand, rest assured that their faxes will reach you seamlessly.

Stay Notified with Push Notifications

The Fax App guarantees you stay informed on every critical fax. Whenever a new fax lands, the app sends out an immediate push notification to alert you. This feature extends beyond just your iPhone. It encompasses notifications for your iPad and Apple Watch as well.

If in-app alerts aren’t quite to your liking, the Fax App provides an option where email notifications can be set up for incoming faxes. This ensures that you do not overlook any significant incoming fax documents.

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Integrating Your World of Documents

Having outlined the process to receive faxes on your iPhone, let’s explore how document integration enhances this experience. With multi-platform support from the Fax App, users have the flexibility to work with faxes across various devices.

  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • Android devices

  • Computers

This cross-device functionality allows for continuity in tasks. You can initiate an action on one device and complete it on another without any interruption.

The Fax app shines with its broad compatibility across different document types. It supports sending and receiving faxes in a variety of file formats such as:

  • PDF

  • DOC

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • TIFF

  • HTML

Integrating with well-known cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive is among its standout features. This capability ensures that documents are readily available and manageable right from within the app when faxing.

From Cloud to Fax: Google Drive, Dropbox, and More

The Fax App allows you to seamlessly scan documents and attach them from cloud storage platforms such as iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive for the purpose of faxing. When needing to send a fax using a document from Google Drive on an iPhone, employ the ‘Open with’ function to choose the app. In case your chosen a fax service isn’t shown among the options available, installing an add-on for Google Drive could be necessary.

Cloud storage solutions offer more than just straightforward access and dispatch capabilities. They also provide archival functions along with management tools for faxes that have been received. This ensures safekeeping through unlimited lifetime storage, which is both secure and convenient.

Supported File Types for Faxing

The Fax app is designed to accommodate a variety of user requirements, offering compatibility with multiple file formats for the transmission and receipt of faxes. Users can work with files in several formats including PDF, DOC, JPG and PNG. When employing Google Drive for faxing purposes, you have even more flexibility. It allows sending documents as PDFs or Microsoft Office documents like DOCXs XLSXs PPTXs along with common image files such as TIFF and JPG.

This versatility means that virtually any type of document—particularly those created using Microsoft Office programs—can be sent or received without concern over format compatibility issues.

Creating and Importing New Documents

With the Fax App, you are not limited to merely dispatching and obtaining pre-existing documents. The app provides the functionality to craft new documents right from within its interface. If there’s a necessity for document creation while you’re mobile or if you want to upload a document from your device’s storage or image gallery, the app is fully equipped to support these actions.

This indicates that all of your document-related tasks can be managed seamlessly within the confines of the app itself. There’s no need to switch between different software or platforms.

Receiving faxes with iPhone App

Tracking and Managing Your Faxes

The capacity to manage faxes efficiently directly from your iPhone is made simple with the Fax App. Not only can you send and receive faxes, but the app also allows for convenient scanning and editing of documents, ensuring that incoming faxes are handled effectively. It offers options to enhance your fax communications by including cover pages and electronic signatures for a more professional touch.

What really sets the Fax App apart is its robust tracking system which provides real-time status updates on sent files. This feature ensures that you’re always informed about when your outgoing faxes have reached their destination successfully.

Real-Time Status Updates

Fax App provides a real-time tracking feature for your faxes’ delivery status through its Fax Delivery Status column. This user-friendly interface employs a check mark system that indicates the current state of your fax transmission with color-coded marks.

  • A gray check mark represents a sent fax awaiting delivery.

  • A blue check mark denotes a pending-delivery fax.

  • Lastly, a green check mark confirms the successful delivery of the fax.

Such functionality guarantees that you are consistently updated on the progress and final confirmation of all faxes dispatched via this application.

Organize Your Fax Inbox

Dealing with a chaotic fax inbox can be extremely frustrating. The Fax App provides an elegant solution to maintain an orderly and clean fax inbox. Utilize the feature of tagging your received faxes within the app for prompt searches and straightforward categorization.

The ability to efficiently manage your faxes by adding tags allows for swift identification and organization of your documents. This efficient process not only enhances communication but also reduces the time spent on finding specific documents significantly.

Beyond Receiving: Full-Fledged Faxing Capabilities

Fax App offers a comprehensive range of faxing services, allowing users to:

  • Receive faxes

  • Send faxes using sophisticated document scanning and image enhancement techniques

  • Merge multiple documents into one single fax

  • Review faxes prior to transmission

These features ensure optimal presentation of your faxes, even when interfacing with traditional physical fax machines.

With the convenience provided by the Fax App, you have the ability to dispatch faxes while on-the-go. The application enables flexible faxing from any location as long as there’s an internet connection available. Whether in your office, at home or elsewhere, sending a document via fax is made simple and efficient through this app – surpassing what conventional fax machines can offer in terms of ease and adaptability.

Send Faxes On-the-Go

Utilizing the Fax application enables you to:

  • Transmit faxes from any location that has an internet connection

  • Dispatch a range of fax formats, such as PDF, JPEG, Excel, Word, PPT, TIFF and BMP

  • Convey faxes over the web via several avenues like the Fax App itself, email-to-fax extensions or online faxing solutions.

To keep you fully informed on your fax activities at all times. The app also provides live tracking features allowing for instant notifications regarding the status of your sent faxes straight from its dashboard.

Advanced Document Scanning

The Fax App elevates the process of document scanning, integrating advanced features that ensure users send faxes of superior quality. It incorporates automatic edge recognition, enhanced color adjustment, and perspective correction to preserve the clarity and readability of scanned documents. Its integrated scanner allows you to finely adjust or modify documents and images to achieve an ideal format for faxing.

Such ease-of-use and effectiveness distinguish the Fax App as a standout choice for those needing reliable fax capabilities directly from their devices.

Subscription Simplified

The Fax App boasts an intuitive subscription model designed to alleviate worries about service disruption. Subscriptions are set to renew automatically, but can be cancelled at least 24 hours before the current period’s end by adjusting settings in your App Store subscriptions account. This feature helps maintain an uninterrupted fax service.

Providing flexibility, the Fax App offers weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription plans tailored for various requirements of users. These plans come at budget-friendly prices with subscriptions starting as low as $9.99 per week for access to fax services through this platform. It is possible to download the app free of charge and operate it smoothly in conjunction with an active account—enabling effortless fax transmission directly from smartphones.


To sum up, Municorn’s Fax App transforms your iPhone into a powerful fax machine. It offers an all-encompassing solution for faxing by integrating document management with effortless sending and receiving of faxes anytime, anywhere. The app is equipped with cutting-edge functionalities like immediate updates on fax status, sophisticated document scanning technology, and clear pricing structures. Fax App revolutionizes the traditional approach to faxing—so why delay?