Fax number needed? This concise tutorial covers the differences between fax and phone numbers, how to obtain your own, and the toll-free and online alternatives. You would definitely need a fax number, for anything from legal contracts to private and delicate HIPAA-compliant medical information. Down below are easy methods to get, utilize, and manage your new fax number.

Key Takeaways

  • Fax numbers share the same basic structure as phone numbers, including area and local numbers, but are specifically designed to transmit documents.

  • Online fax numbers are not connected to real telephones but are set up for faxing. To obtain a free fax number, download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store, select the desired locale code, and choose your fax number.

  • Online faxing offers numerous benefits, including security features like 256-bit SSL encryption, secure online storage, and reduced carbon impact. It allows for sending and receiving faxes via email, web interfaces, and mobile devices from anywhere in the world. 


What’s a Fax Number, Anyway

Imagine the twin sister of a phone number, a fax number. They are diverse in their jobs yet have the same parents—telecommunication wires. A phone number is a diplomat that facilitates voice communications; a fax number is a courier that sends papers over audible tones.

With a fax number, you may send documents to the business next door or halfway over the world with accuracy and dependability.

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The Basic Structure of a Fax Number

Consider a fax number as a jigsaw puzzle with numerous functionally separate components. The major components are the area code and the local number, which is further divided into a three-digit prefix and four additional digits. The local number locates the specific receiver or provider inside the geographic region defined by the area code.
For precise document transfer, knowing the fundamental structure and elements of a fax number is like learning a secret language.

Fax Number vs. Phone Number

Despite having the same structure, phone and fax numbers serve different purposes. A fax number is used to transfer documents via a phone line, whereas a phone number facilitates voice calls. The function is what makes the difference; fax numbers require a tone response when phoned in order to facilitate faxed document transfers.

Though they are essentially conventional phone numbers, fax numbers are typically assigned to fax machines that are connected to a genuine phone line. Internet fax numbers, on the other hand, are not linked to real telephones; instead, they are configured specifically for faxing.

How to Get a Fax Number Online – Simple Steps

Choosing your own fax number to receive faxes in Fax App

Getting hold of a fax number is very simple. To select a number from the generated list, just register for an online fax service, such as Municorn’s Fax App, and choose your country and area code. Furthermore, a premium plan allows you to keep the free fax number for a prolonged length of time, or even indefinitely. 

Steps to Claim Your Fax Number

As easy as 1, 2, 3 to claim your free fax number! Here is how:

  1. Get the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Select the locale code you want.
  3. Choose your fax number among the ones the fax service offers.

Here you go! You are now the proud owner of your own fax number. You can use this number to both send and receive faxes on your iPhone or an Android phone. 

Illustration of sending a fax online

Keeping Your Fax Number After You Subscribe

Your fax number requires a subscription to remain active. If you terminate your membership to an online fax service, you will lose your fax number until you upgrade to a new subscription plan. By upgrading, you will be able to maintain your current fax number once your membership has expired.

If the major paid upgrade does not fit your budget, do not worry! There are very reasonable methods for keeping your fax number, such as a week-long subscription to Fax App for only $9.99.

The Advantages of Online Fax Numbers

Among the major benefits are:

  • Enough security features, including 256-bit SSL encryption, to keep your online faxes private. Superior encryption to help with SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA compliance
  • Secure online storage of your papers reduces the possibility that private data left unmanaged on hard copy prints.
  • Significant cost savings and a smaller carbon impact result from using less paper and equipment.

Topped with what? Faxes are routed, received, and sent more quickly thanks to automation features. With an online fax number, you have unmatched freedom and may send and receive faxes via email, web interfaces, and iPhone or Android apps from any place in the globe. As a paperless and safer substitute for handling document processes, cloud-based fax solutions are really the modern way to transmit faxes.

Faxes Sent and Received Without a Real Fax Machine

As it turns out, transporting an actual fax machine isn’t really practical. Online fax services allow you to send and receive faxes without the need for a phone or other equipment. Faxes can be delivered as digital files via email or internet services, bypassing the traditional necessity for a physical machine and paper. Setting up online fax services is simple: just download the app, connect to the internet, and create an account. Furthermore, and this is a significant advantage, online faxing allows you to transmit documents from anywhere with an internet connection.


    Though intended for transferring papers via a phone line, fax numbers resemble phone numbers. They include local and area numbers, and they are structured much like phone numbers. Without requiring a real fax machine, online faxing provides advantages like more security, simplicity of usage, and cost savings. Join up for an online fax service like Municorn’s Fax App and select your country and area code to get a free fax number. A premium subscription enables the fax number to be kept longer or permanently, depending on your subscription plan.


    How do I obtain a fax number?

    You can obtain a fax number by registering with an online fax service such as Fax App for iPhone or Android, where you can also get a free fax number to receive faxes digitally.

    Do I need a landline or a fax machine to get a fax number?

    No, with an online fax number and a faxing app, you can send and receive faxes without the need for a cumbersome traditional fax machine or a dedicated landline. 

    Are faxes sent via online services protected and secure?

    Yes, online fax services prioritize security by employing robust 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the confidentiality of your faxes.