Need to send a fax and wondering if Office Depot faxes? Yes it does! In this article we’ll discuss how to utilize Office Depot’s self-service fax machines, compare prices with other local store and discuss what could be a suitable alternative for your faxing requirements.

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Key Takeaways

  • Office Depot provides self-service fax machines for sending and receiving local, domestic, and international faxes, with prices varying according on the fax destination and number of pages transferred.

  • Office Depot’s in-store fax services are reasonably convenient and user-friendly; but, for frequent or high-volume faxing, online fax services may be more cost-effective and convenient.

  • In addition to faxing at a convenient location near you, Office Depot provides copying, printing, document finishing, binding and laminating.

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Office Depot’s Fax Services

Office Depot provides self-service fax machines that can send and receive faxes to local, domestic, and international numbers. If you need to fax crucial business documents or personal papers, Office Depot’s fax services are are well-suited to make the process simple and straightforward, albeit more costly than using online apps or some other locations such as libraries or UPS.

    Sending Faxes at Office Depot

    To send a fax from Office Depot, follow these steps:

    1. Find the Office Depot Store using the Store Locator on their website
    2. Arrange your papers in sequence, starting with the cover page.
    3. Use the self-service fax machine at the store to dial the recipient’s fax number.
    4. To send a fax, follow the instructions on the machine, if unsure check out our guide here

    Don’t leave right away once you send! It is critical to wait for the fax machine to print a confirmation page, which indicates a successful transfer. This paper serves as proof of faxing, therefore taking the time to print it is worthwhile.

    The final step is to pay for your fax at the service desk. The final fee is based on how many pages you’ve faxed. Here’s the comparison table for the cost to fax at Office Depot depending on where you’re sending the fax:

    First page price Per additional page price
    Local $1.99  $1.79
    National $2.29 $2.09 
    International $7.99 $3.99

    Note: these prices are subject to change. We advise to check in with your local Office Depot employees and the information displayed in the self-service printing area

    How Office Depot Faxing Prices Compare Among Other Stores

    Method Local fax National fax International fax Notes
    Office Depot $1.99 (1st page), $1.79 additional  $2.29 (1st page), $2.09 additional  $7.99 (1st page), $3.99 additional

    No additional fee for sending a cover page

    Staples $1.79 (1st page), $1.59 additional  $2.39 (1st page), $2.19 additional  $5.99 (1st page), $3.99 additional $1 per page to receive a fax
    FedEx $1.89 (1st page), $1.59 (additional) $$2.49 (1st page), $2.19 (additional) $5.99 (1st page), $3.99 (additional) Self-service fax machines found in FedEx stores
    UPS Store $2.00 (1st page), $1.50 (additional) $2.00 (1st page), $2.00 (additional) $3.00 (1st page), $3.00 (additional) Fax services offered at UPS locations
    Local Library $1.00 (1st page), $0.50 – $1.00 (additional) $1.50 (1st page), $1.00 (additional) $2 – $3 (1st page), $2 – $3.00 (additional) Varies greatly depending on location
    Fax Apps $9.99 subscription for 50+ pages $9.99 subscription for 50+ pages $9.99 subscription for 50+ pages Smartphone apps like Fax App
    Online Fax Service $10 – $20 per month subscription $10 – $20 per month subscription $10 – $20 per month subscription Can send/receive faxes via email or browser window


    Receiving faxes at Office Depot

    Office Depot allows you to receive faxes using their self-service printers, just like you can send them. Before you start receiving faxes, it’s recommended to check that the self-service fax machine is in good working order, with enough paper and toner. This quick check can save you from potential hassle and ensure a smooth faxing experience. After that, make sure you know the exact fax number that you’re planning on receiving a fax to. Ask an employee if you have to. 

    Just like when sending faxes, customers receiving fax documents at Office Depot can request a printed confirmation page for their records. This document can serve as a helpful receipt, confirming the successful receipt of your fax.

    Why Use a Mobile App Instead of In-Store Services

    Office Depot’s faxing services are self-service, allowing anybody to send and receive local, domestic, or international faxes. An iPhone or Android faxing app may serve your faxing needs even better with service at any time and from any location, providing a degree of convenience that far exceeds traditional in-store services.

    Unlike Office Depot’s in-store faxing service, online faxing is available around the clock, allowing customers to send and receive faxes online to your own dedicated fax number. You might also find it surprising that online faxing is just as HIPAA-compliant as sending a physical fax would, so faxing a medical institution is absolutely fine with an app.  


    Final Thoughts

    Office Depot’s fax services make it straightforward to send and receive local, domestic, and international faxes. Office Depot meets a wide range of faxing demands, thanks to competitive pricing and the ease of self-service equipment.

    However, if you regularly fax or need services outside of usual business hours, online fax services may provide additional flexibility and cost savings. Whether it’s mobile faxing applications or 24/7 online services, you have access to a world of digital faxing options that allow you to send and receive faxes at any time and from any location.


    How do I send a fax from Office Depot?

    To send a fax from Office Depot, arrange your documents, enter the recipient’s fax number using the self-service fax machine, wait for the confirmation page, and pay for your fax at the service counter.

    Can I send a fax from Office Depot after store hours?

    You can only send a fax from Office Depot during store hours. However, there are numerous online faxing solutions that let you fax 24/7 online.

    Can I receive faxes at Office Depot?

    Yes, you can receive faxes at Office Depot using their self-service fax machines. Ask the store employee for the fax number, wait for the confirmation page and pay for it at the desk.