We’ve been texting and emailing for so long that it’s often a little surprising when someone asks for a document to be faxed. Be honest: you probably thought fax machines were long gone when you were asked, right? Don’t worry—you’re not alone!

But when it comes to the medical and legal professions, the humble fax is still alive and kicking. In fact, around three-quarters of medical documents sent in the US are delivered by fax!

The good news is that you can still send a fax via USPS. But the news gets even better! There’s a simple way to send and receive faxes from your mobile device—but more about that later.

Can you fax at USPS?

For now, the question is: Can you fax at USPS? And the answer is yes; the process is similar to sending a fax from UPS or FedEx, their common competitors! So before you start searching for a retro fax machine on eBay, head to one of the 31,000 USPS retail offices in the United States and communicate the old-fashioned way. The fax machine is typically located at the customer service desk, so be sure to check with the specific location to confirm the availability of the service.

When Benjamin Franklin was appointed Postmaster General in 1775, messages were largely sent on horseback. While the USPS has moved on, there’s still a place for legacy communication technologies. That’s right, one of the iconic symbols of 1980s America is still alive and well in Post Offices across the nation!

Here’s a brief guide to sending a fax at USPS. If you want an easier solution, however, head towards the bottom of this article for a simpler and faster faxing solution.

    Sending a Fax at USPS: A Step-by-Step Guide

    You don’t need to be a programmer or a communications expert to send a fax. Once you’ve found your nearest Post Office, all you need are the documents you want to send. 

    1. Find Your Nearest USPS Retail Office

    This is the easy part. Just head to USPS’s Location page and search for the location nearest you. Choose the type of Post Office you’re looking for. Sometimes, the easiest way to send a fax at a USPS location is via a self-service station. 

    2. Check if your preferred post office offers Faxing Services

    Check if your preferred post office offers faxing services by asking the staff at your nearest location—as not all of them do. Alternatively, find your preferred office on the USPS website and check their list of services.

    3. Find Out if You Need to Make an Appointment 

    There’s a good chance that you can simply walk into your local USPS location and ask for the fax service there and then. However, you may need to make an appointment. And even if you don’t, making one will minimize any waiting time and ensure the staff can prepare for your arrival. 

    4. Gather Your Documents

    This is very important. To use the USPS fax service, you’ll need to have the physical documents. Take some time to ensure you have everything before you leave for the store. And if necessary, keep everything in a binder—this will also speed up the process when it’s time to send your documents. Unless you’ve made other arrangements, you should prepare a cover letter. If you don’t have a printer, ask your Post Office if they have printing facilities. If they do, send the letter to them by email.

    5. Take the Fax Number with You

    An email needs an address, and a fax message needs a fax number. The number will usually look just like a traditional landline phone number, complete with area code. Don’t forget it, as you won’t be able to proceed without it unless you can contact the recipient while you’re in the Post Office. 

    6. Take Everything to the USPS Location

    You have your documents, your cover letter, and your fax number; it’s now time to head to your preferred Post Office. But don’t forget to take some cash. Sending a fax with USPS can cost up to $2 per page. That said, the rates charged by individual Post Offices are usually significantly lower than at the likes of UPS, Staples, and Office Depot.
    Some locations offer a self-service fax service, and some do things the old-fashioned way with the help of a cashier behind a counter. If you’re not sure how to use the fax machine or need to scan a document, ask the cashier for help. However, sending a fax usually involves little more than feeding the documents into the machine, dialing the number, and pressing “send.”

    7. Get Your Confirmation

    The fax machine will scan each page before sending the data down the phone line, and this process takes time. To ensure you leave enough time, give each page around 30 seconds to a minute to send. So, if you’re sending 10 pages, you should expect to be waiting 10 minutes for the process to complete. Once all your documents have been successfully transmitted and received at the other end, the USPS cashier will give you a confirmation note. 

      Can You Fax at Every Post Office?

      The simple answer is “no.” Some Post Offices offer faxing as a dedicated service; some will allow you to use their fax machine as a “favor,” and others simply don’t have faxing facilities. Before you make the trip, call the office and ask a member of staff. You might be able to find out on the USPS website, but this information might be out of date. 

        How Much Does It Cost to Fax from the Post Office? 

        Sending emails and text messages for free is something we take for granted, as we’ve been doing it for years. Type the message, attach the document, and hit “Send”—it couldn’t be easier… or cheaper!

        So when you have to hand over your hard-earned money just to send some basic documents, the process can be a little strange. Nevertheless, if you’re sending a fax with USPS, you’ll need to pay a charge. And in most cases, that charge is per document. Additionally, the further away you are from the recipient, the higher the charge can be.

        For example, sending a one-page fax to a phone number in your area via USPS might cost you around $1. You might get a discount on subsequent pages, but a total delivery of 10 pages will still cost you close to 10 bucks!

        If you’re faxing documents to a number outside your area, the price per document will probably be a little higher. But if those documents are heading abroad, expect to pay double! Sending international faxes can be particularly expensive, so it’s advisable to check the rates beforehand. So, for a 10-page delivery to the UK, for instance, you will need to hand over close to $20.

        Post offices in the United States are independently owned and operated, so there isn’t a single pricing structure. Some locations will send a fax as a favor; some might charge a buck per page; and others may charge closer to $2. If you have a few pages to send, ask if there’s a discount for multiple pages, and save yourself a few dollars.

        Don’t you want to spend a small fortune every time you need to fax some documents? There is a way to send unlimited faxes from the comfort of your sofa

        Are there other ways to send a fax in the United States? 


        Yes, the easiest way to send physical documents is with your own fax machine. But as you’re reading this, you probably don’t have one. And who wants to search the Internet for an antique that’s probably been gathering dust in the attic since the mid-90s?

        As well as USPS, the likes of FedEx and Staples also offer a fax service. In fact, just about any shipping store will probably have a fax machine. These locations often have a public fax machine available for use. And while they may not advertise it as a service, they’ll probably let you use it for a small charge if you ask nicely.

        Another place to try is your local library. While the facilities might be limited and you may have to wait your turn, faxing from a public library may be cheaper than using the Post Office or a UPS store.

        Office supply and stationery stores such as Office Depot often provide fax services, too. However, if you’re paying retail prices, expect to pay a premium for a relatively simple service.

        There is a cheaper, easier way to send faxes that doesn’t involve scouring the Internet for bargains, however. It’s an app that allows you to scan and fax documents in a matter of seconds. And all you need to use it is a phone or a tablet!

        Are there other ways to send a fax in the United States? 


        If you like pointless car journeys, grumpy cashiers, and clunky, 20th-century technology, sending a fax from USPS is probably the best choice for you. But if speed, cost-effectiveness, and convenience are your priorities, online fax services are the best choice. Send your faxes via a mobile app from the comfort of your home.

        In an ideal world, we’d all prefer to simply email documents. However, there are certain security issues related to digital communications that don’t apply to faxes. Moreover, certain legal procedures require the transmission of physical documents.

        FAX App from leading app developer Municorn addresses all the major security concerns that apply to the sending and receiving of sensitive documents. HIPAA-compliant and with a host of physical and technical safeguards in place, this easy-to-use app means you can say goodbye to the traditional fax machine forever. Online faxing offers high-end security, cross-platform synchronization, and instant file transmission, making it a superior alternative to traditional fax machines.