The technology we use every day is evolving rapidly – shaping the way we work, and the way we live. Landlines became mobile phones, which are now becoming augmented and virtual reality. With all this in mind, it’s remarkable to witness the endurance of faxing. Faxing is one of those things that has stood the test of time, and stubbornly dug its heels in where other technologies have been swept away by the future.

We’re deep into the age of emails, cloud storage services and instant messaging, yet faxes and fax machines have held their ground, and are often still the most reliable and secure way of sending anything important. Of course, due to a mix of security and regulations, faxing still reigns supreme in industries like healthcare, insurance and legal, but a staggering 89% of all professionals still send faxes at work, and the global fax services market is expected to grow at 11% per year up to 2027.

Why Use a Fax App Over A Fax Machine?


Despite the rapid advance of technology, faxing is actually growing in popularity!

It’s not like traditional fax machines didn’t evolve – the fax machine is changing with the times, with online fax services increasingly being used to exchange important documents. Whilst people typically no longer keep a physical fax machine at home, the rise of fax apps means that many are able to fax using their iphone or ipad.

It makes perfect sense, with most people carrying an ios device that can easily scan documents in high quality, to turn your iphone and ipad into a fax machine rather than purchasing a fax machine. We’ve been looking at the best free fax app, and how to use it.

The world of business is still deeply invested in faxing, so if you’re working as a professional you will definitely benefit from being able to send faxes outside of the office! For personal reasons, being able to fax on the move will also benefit you – for routine activities such as changing healthcare providers, sorting out any legal issues such as moving house, or handling financial information, we all need to be able to send and receive faxes. Fax apps are emerging as a key tool for navigating the modern world, and are easier than ever to use. Here’s a few reasons why it pays to use an online fax service.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Using an online fax service to fax documents is a very eco-friendly way to send multiple documents around the world quickly, and without the need for any vehicles and their emissions – not to mention the time saved. There’s also no need to buy another device, which would require materials and electricity – just open your phone and start faxing!

It’s Very Convenient 

We all have a mobile device that we can use to easy scan documents wherever we are. You can send a fax online, and receive faxes on the go, storing your received faxes on one device. You can get a dedicated fax number which you can use directly from your iphone or ipad, removing the need to be in one specific place. Fax also makes sending paper notes more convenient – you can’t email or text a scribbled drawing, or your penciled annotations – but an online fax service allows you to show whatever you’ve drawn or written on your faxed documents, allowing better collaboration and expression. There’s also the fact that outgoing faxes tend to be picked up fast by organizations ( as our App Store reviews will tell you! ) – if you’re in an emergency situation and need a company to send or receive your information fast, sending faxes is usually the best way!

It’s More Secure Than You Think

The fax services market is strong for a reason – the biggest businesses in the world still send faxes and fax documents in their day-to-day, and have invested heavily for decades to keep their faxes secure. Quite simply, there’s no safer way to share your information. Fax machines are far less useful for criminals to target in cyber attacks – traditional fax machines are connected to fewer networks and secondary devices than an email server, meaning less data can be breached. There may not even be an internet connection to a fax machine, and so would require physical access to the phone line itself to breach – often in a secure location.

There are also far fewer scams over fax – it’s very easy to get somebody to click on a suspicious link over email, or attach harmful files to be downloaded straight onto a computer, but over fax it becomes much harder to scam or “phish” for sensitive data. What’s more, documents sent from a fax number cannot be legally intercepted by third parties without a search warrant. These are just a few reasons why so many choose fax as the most secure option!

The Fax App – Municorn’s FAX For iPhone

If you need to send and receive faxes from your iphone and ipad, FAX From iPhone is the best fax app to use. Our fax app has been designed by professionals to make your online faxing experience as easy as possible, whether you are faxing in your work or in a personal capacity, our user friendly fax app will take away the stress.

You can try it out completely free and find out for yourself, but here are 4 features that position FAX From iPhone above the rest, as the best fax app on the market today:

1. It Supports A Huge Variety of File Formats

Unlike other fax apps, whether you’re sending images, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or just a pdf file, you can combine multiple documents into a single fax with FAX From iPhone fax app, which supports a large number of file formats to send faxes containing everything you need. You’ll have the ability to grab a some slides from your google drive, a document from your iCloud, and use our electronic signature feature to sign anything in any format, without the need to be in your office.

2. You Can Store, Send and Receive Faxes

FAX From iPhone truly turns your iphone or ipad into a fax machine, capable of receiving faxes as well as sending faxes. A paid subscription plan includes your own toll free fax number, eliminating the need to ever invest into a physical fax machine, which comes with a phone line requirement and needs a large physical space – instead only requiring a small monthly fee, with no setup fee. If you need to be able to fax in your day-to-day or business life with minimal up-front investment, the more economic and stress-free option is to use the app.

Get Fax App for Free

Download the app

Fax from your iPhone or Android phone in 90+ international countries

Choose Document Format

Send just about any file type as a fax (PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG & TIFF, HTML). Use our advanced document scanner & image processing technology if needed

Hit Send and Done!

Send & receive faxes on the go. Dedicated number to receive faxes provided. No need for a fax machine.

3. Storage and Security

All your received faxes are stored in your inbox and in your account history – which you can request in full from Municorn, which means you’re covered in case you ever lose your phone. You can also see all of your outbound faxes, and their delivery status – which means you will be able to prove that somebody has received your fax if you ever need to!

On top of this, unlike most fax apps, Municorn’s fax app is also fully HIPAA compliant – you can send and receive faxes securely as we have taken full measures in accordance with HIPAA’s Security Rule which sets out administrative, physical and technical safeguards to keep your faxes safe, especially when you are putting your electronic signature on important documents.

  • Administrative – We have established policies and procedures to train our employees and partners on data security and privacy to ensure the highest level of protection over your faxing.

  • Physical – We have established intrusion detection and prevention systems at our premises, as well as access controls and regular security audits.

  • Technical – We have data encryption, firewalls and other process security measures in place to secure your faxes.

4. Our Online Fax Service Support Team

Unlike most fax apps, we have a dedicated support team on hand to help with FAQs and a messaging service if you need help. The best fax apps are easy to use and understand, and FAX From iPhone is no exception – however if you ever need any support whilst using the fax app you can receive live help.

    How To Use The Fax App

    The fax app is user friendly and convenient. Once you have downloaded the free fax app from the app store, create a free account and get started. You will be directed to the ‘Send Fax’ home screen upon opening the fax app – as seen below. You will also have the option to navigate to your inbox to view your received faxes on the “Inbox” page, look at your sent faxes in the “Sent” page, and find out more information and support on the “Info” page.

    To send a fax, simply enter a fax number, attach any documents and a cover page, and press send fax.

    To add an image or document, select the option in the send fax screen, and you will be presented with a convenient pop up, through which you can attach fax pages from a number of sources.

    This feature enables you to take a document or photo from a variety of sources, such as iCloud or Google Drive, to attach various file formats and fax pages to your fax.

    You can also create a cover document by selecting “Add Cover page”, which will take you to a simple interface enabling you to add your contact details, and a message regarding the document you are sending.

    The fax number page also assists you in identifying area codes and territory codes, ensuring you send a fax to the right fax number. Sending a fax to the wrong fax number is one of the only risks of faxing – our app makes sure you will know exactly where your fax is going.

    Our fax app features a dedicated support team which allows you to find help and ask questions if you are experiencing any problems when trying to send faxes.

    What Others Have Said

    The rise of online faxes means more people are trying iphone fax apps, and trying to find a fax service that works for them. Municorn’s FAX app is rated amongst the best fax apps, maintaining an average score of 4.8/5 with over 294,000 global reviews on the app store.

    Here are a few of the stories people have shared about the FAX app, which make us especially proud of how we can help you in the important moments in your life.

    Changing Care Providers

    “My care provider in California was not receiving any of my medical records from my old care provider in Utah… I needed to do something urgently… I took it upon myself to find a fax app that’ll help… I got all my medical records for my new care provider sent to me within the hour!”
    App Store review, September 2023.

    Big Financial Decisions In Life

    I have used it more times than I can count. I recently refinanced and faxed all my tax documents, mortgage documents, and payroll documents just by scanning them with this fax app on my iPhone… It’s very straightforward and user friendly.”
    App Store review, January 2021.

    Busy Work Days

    I was desperate and needed to get some important documents sent over for work… the entire process could not be simpler… They received all 33 pages that I had faxed over to them using this app. Goodbye fax machines, hello Fax app.”
    App Store review, October 2020.

    Download The Best Free Fax App Today

    Every story shared makes us proud to be able to play a small part in your big moments, providing a reliable faxing service from the convenience of your phone. Put simply, online faxing is better, safer, and more accessible than ever with the FAX app. If you’re looking for online fax services and wondering where to start, download the best free fax app today and get started!